From the start point we proceed onto the nearby historic Harland & Wolff slipway no 3 where the RMS Titanic was built and launched.

The tour then follows the Queens Road then returns back up the road hugging the riverside pathway to the Lagan Weir pedestrian/cycle bridge.

Now on the Co. Antrim side of the river we follow the riverside pathway to the historic Clarendon Docks, then cross over to the Cathedral Quarter and City Centre of Belfast.

So really a tour of 2 halves, the first exploring the Maritime Heritage and the second looking at how Belfast developed, the political upheavals, stories of war and revolution, the radical United Irishmen, the Industries (Linen, Whiskey, Rope, Tobacco etc.) that generated the wealth and indeed the poverty.

At Belfast Mic n Bike we use a ‘State of the Art’ wireless system so you will have a small receiver unit and a single ear piece to enable your cycle guide to provide commentary as you cycle.

The system is used ‘responsibly’ and allows you to be aware of what is ahead, your cycle guide will ‘mute’ the mic during road crossings and junctions where safe cycling is critical.